What is Adult Ministries at Grace?

We provides opportunities to grow as disciples of Jesus and in turn make disciples.


Spring 2021

We aim to grow personally in becoming disciples and in how we seek to make disciples. Below you will find opportunities to do just that. Prayerfully consider how you can join with us as disciple makers, for God’s glory.

Apologetics Study

Have you ever wondered where we got the Bible or why the Bible should be trusted? Have you ever wondered if the stories in the Bible really happened or if it makes much of a difference? Maybe you have questioned the existence of hell, the necessity of Jesus’ death, or have other lingering questions about Christianity. 

If you’ve ever been there or are wondering how to respond to those who have, join us for a new study based on the book Another Gospel? by Alisa Childers. As we read about Alisa’s experience tackling some of these tough issues, we will be asking questions, digging into the Bible, Theology and Church History to find answers, to deepen our faith, and to understand what we believe so that we will be able to discern truth in changing times. 

 8 Week Study

Wednesdays on Zoom, beginning March 17th from 1:30-3:00pm

Thursdays In-Person, beginning March 18th from 7:00-8:30pm. 

 Led by Pastor Greg. 

Sign up (by March 10th!) by contacting the church office.

office@gracecov.net or 320-632-3629



One to One Bible Reading

One of the biggest tools that we have to grow as followers of Jesus is the Bible.  The more we get into God’s Word, the more we learn about him, the more we hear his voice, and the more we grow in maturity.

But did you know that the Bible is also the best tool that we have for making disciples?

In this training, you’ll learn more about how a belief in the power and sufficiency of God’s Word, a dependence on the Holy Spirit and prayer, and a willingness to follow God’s leading can help you to live out Jesus’ call to go and make disciples no matter life’s circumstances.

Click here to get a taste of what One-to-One Bible Reading is all about. This training includes video segments and discussion. God is at work through His Word in this world. 

Training Options: New Dates TBD

Led by Shelby Orians.

    Sign up by contacting the church office.

    office@gracecov.net or 320-632-3629. 

    Other Ministries:

    • Visitation Ministry: focusing on visits to Grace family who have health concerns, are hospitalized, homebound, have had a new baby, are grieving the loss of a loved one or job. Please contact the church office or Kathy Wenzel to request a visit. 749-2274
    • Young Adult Group: For high school graduates, college students, career-aged, newly-married, etc. Contact Mandy Heffron. 320-232-3337.
    • Fireside Fellowship: For adults who like to gather for hymn singing, food, and fellowship. Contact Linda Holmgren. 632-1994
    • Grace Ladies Fellowship: Wonderful speakers, afternoon tea, and fellowship. Contact Maureen Erickson. 632-2276