Community Bible Experience



What is Community Bible Experience?

Community Bible Experience (CBE) is not a traditional bible study. It’s more like a book club. It’s a space where we can have honest open conversation about the Bible, where we come and experience the Bible together and get swept up in the story. Join us for a fresh conversation about the Scriptures in this 40 day New Testament plan beginning Sunday, September 25th.

From September 25th to November 20th (40 days), we challenge you to participate in reading the New Testament with us as a church body using the Community Bible Experience book. It’s a Bible that reads less like a reference book and more like a story. We think you’re going to love it!  There are many ways you can participate in this study, aside from the daily reading plan.
  • Sundays
    • Sermon Series at 8:30 and 10:45am. Our sermon series will focus on scriptures that align with what we have been reading the previous week. Be prepared to dig deeper, learn additional context, and be challenged to apply what you have learned.
    • Christian Education at 9:45am
      • Children will continue with their regular Orange Curriculum.
      • Middle School & High School will meet in small groups, focusing on the scriptures Pastor Greg is preaching on. They’ll be digging in to God’s Word and have opportunity to process what the scriptures mean for them. If you have a MS or HS student who would like to join the adult discussion with you, they may do so!
      • Adults will meet in the fellowship hall in informal discussion groups. Group facilitators will guide people to talk and process through what they have learned.
  • Wednesdays 6:15-7:15pm
    • Pre K will hear one of the weekly Bible Stories that parents read during the week and take part in age appropriate activities to reinforce the key concept of the story.
    • Elementary students will focus on the CBE curriculum, hearing one of the weekly Bible stories, while reinforcing key concepts from the story. Be ready to chat at home with them about it! Parents are invited to join their elementary aged children in this experience, if desired.
    • Youth: Middle Schoolers will have their regular XP3 Orange curriculum and service opportunities on Wednesday Evenings. High School students are encouraged to volunteer in GraceKids ministry opportunities or join their parents for the adult character study (see below).
    • Adults: Join us in Dig Deeper, a time to hear about one of the persons from our reading for the week. What strengths, flaws, and experiences did they go through and how can we apply that to our own life?
  • Book Club:
    • A great option if you’d like to take this opportunity to personalize this study even more. Invite your friends, neighbors, or coworkers to experience this with you. Our book club kit encourages you to host this in your home, meet at Perkins or Pete & Joy’s (the sky is the limit!) and make it work for you.  Book club bags are available September 11th!
Sign up here! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at ten.v1501328174oceca1501328174rg@ec1501328174iffo1501328174 or 320-632-3629.