What is GraceKids?


GraceKids strives to provide opportunities that enable kids to experience and know God and each other, develop and grow their faith in age appropriate ways, and serve and show other they have an active faith and a faith that lasts.

Connect with GraceKids:

This Week – March 29


These are the videos we watch on Sunday mornings that you can watch together as a family.

March Parent Cue

After watching the video, use the parent cue to guide family discussion/read scripture pertaining to each week’s lesson.


Each link below contains devotionals can be used throughout the week, independently by kids or together as a family, to reinforce the Bible concepts/scripture taught in the video.


  • We are here for you and want to walk alongside you in this journey as we navigate these unprecedented times. Contact Jen or Mandy if you have any questions about at home resources or talking to your kids about the coronavirus pandemic.
  • We will be pausing all activities & services at church through April 12.