Our Purpose

The Worship & Arts Ministries of Grace exist to reinforce and amplify Sunday teachings through multiple creative avenues and venues. We accomplish this through several teams including the Worship Team, Audio & Visual Teams & the Sanctuary Choir.¬† Contact us if you’d like to volunteer!

Worship Team

Our Worship Team helps provide a musically worshipful environment in the Contemporary Service. The worship team plays music from bands such as Hillsong and Chris Tomlin. Our team includes vocalists, keyboardists, bass guitar, acoustic guitars and drums as well as other instruments as they are available.

Audio & Visual Team

Our Audio Team works mostly during the two Sunday morning gatherings. This team runs and manages the sound board, microphones and cable systems.

The Visual Team works with a couple of different areas. First, we have a dedicated team of people who work with running our slides each Sunday morning. We also have groups that work with our video recording of the sermons, and occasionally baptisms and special events to make them available to individuals. Finally, we also have a group that works with our lighting system.

Sanctuary Choir

Our Sanctuary Choir provides special choir anthem pieces for our Traditional Service during the months of September through May.