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MOPS: Mothers of Preschoolers


What is MOPS?

A group for moms who are expecting (or adopting!) all through kids who are in kindergarten.  We understand your unique needs, challenges and joys in this vital season of early mothering because we are in the midst of it too!  At MOPS you will have a chance to socialize with other moms, hear some great teaching (whether in video format or through speakers), have discussion time, and participate in creative activities.


You will be welcomed in our MOPS group just as you are!



When Does MOPS Meet?

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month during the school year from 6:30-8:00pm at Grace Covenant Church.  Check back for more info about our group for the 2017/18 school year or contact us and we’ll email you info!


Different Aspects of a MOPS Group

  • Discussion:  The intimate and accepting atmosphere of a small group table offers moms a chance to share their successes, failures, questions, and concerns.  You are not alone!


  • Teaching: Topics are presented at MOPS meetings to celebrate motherhood, challenge you as a mom of littles, and meet your unique needs during this season of life.


  • Creative Activities/Lifeskills: Try a new creative activity. We’ll give you time and space to finish a project- yay!


  • Event Nights:  One meeting each month will be a formal MOPS meeting, while one meeting is designed to provide you with a fun time to connect with other moms in a more laid-back setting.


  • MOPPETS: During most MOPS meetings, children are cared for in a program called MOPPETS, where they get to have fun with our awesome childcare workers!


Is There a Fee?

MOPS Charges a per semester fee of $60.  Fees include a membership with MOPS International (which includes a magazine subscription, free theme book and other resources), all materials for creative activities and lifeskills, childcare (when needed), door prizes and other “splurge items”, snacks and beverages, and a chance to connect with other moms from the Little Falls area in this same amazing life stage.


Please contact us if you’d like to discuss scholarship assistance!




Please contact us!


Want more details about MOPS International?  Check out their website at www.mops.org